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Andy Pickering 01 May 2023, 23:00 UTC

Joel Kruger, a trader, collector of digital art and bitcoin, and strategist at LMAX Group, discusses his background in investment banking and how he got involved with LMAX Group. He provides an overview of the institutional exchange's FX and cryptocurrency offerings and his role as a strategist at the LMAX Group.

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Joel shares his thoughts on traditional markets such as equities and currencies, noting concerns about inflation potentially putting pressure on equity markets. On the other hand, he is optimistic about the outlook for cryptocurrencies in 2023 due to positive fundamentals that are specific to crypto. While there are regulatory headwinds that need to be addressed before full institutional adoption can take place, Joel believes that all signs point towards increased interest in this asset class from larger players looking to allocate down the line.

Joel Kruger shares his views on the SEC's mixed commentary and lack of regulatory clarity for the crypto industry. He emphasizes the importance of providing a regulatory-compliant structure for clients, while also acknowledging that regulators don't want to make any hasty decisions. Kruger is optimistic about the potential in digital assets, including Bitcoin and Ethereum, which he sees as complementary to each other. He also discusses NFTs and believes that their current bearish market is just another cycle that will eventually lead to a flight to quality within the space. Finally, Kruger encourages investors to apply calmness during periods of excess craziness when believing in an asset's value proposition.

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