JAJA ICULI: Five times Isma did the unexpected

A section of Ugandans was inconsolable after learning of the sudden death of well-known vlogger Ibrahim Tusubira Lubega, also known as Isma Olaxes.

Due to his controversial behaviour, the vlogger won the hearts of many on social media but also made enemies.

Isma was gunned down last Saturday near his home in Kyanja. He was laid to rest on Sunday in Katwe-Nkokonjeru, Buikwe district. So far, the police have arrested three suspects including the deceased’s driver.

In tribute, we’ve put together a list of the top five scandals that once caused social media to turn against him.

This list isn’t meant to be comprehensive. There are omissions. Lots of them.

2020 November shooting
Isma made a video in 2020 where he praised the killing of 54 people. This came following the two-day riots calling for the release of Bobi Wine, the president of the National Unity Platform, who is actually Robert Kyagulanyi.

Isma even expressed his desire for more fatalities so that the government could inform the populace that the state and President Museveni are in charge.

Accused Suuna of being a witch

Isma got into trouble because of his poisonous mouth after singer Omulangira Suuna dragged him to court.

He had claimed in the video to have proof that Suuna was a witch doctor. Isma was arrested and remanded to Kitalya Prison. Fortunately, he was later granted bail.

Twin bombings in Kampala

Isma made a video urging terrorists to attack the parliament and churches after two bombings in Kampala in 2021 left seven people dead and 37 injured.

Targeting the parliament and churches would be a sweet form of retaliation, according to Isma, because every time there is a terror attack, the state arrests or kills innocent Muslims.

He was arrested and charged with inciting violence. But he applied for bail on grounds of having a heart disease.

Attack on Bobi Wine‘sson, Kampala

In March 2022, Isma made a bombshell attack on Bobi Wine and his son, Kampala Solomon.

It all started when Bobi Wine attended a parents’ meeting at SMACK, where Solomon Kampala was a student. A video of Bobi Wine went viral when he accused the school’s headteacher, Brother Deodati Aliganyira, of segregating and targeting his son.

Bobi Wine revealed in his statement that Brother Deodati Aliganyira had denied Solomon the chance to run for a prefectorial position at his school because he was not an A-class student.

The submission raised a lot of concern on social media platforms.

As usual, Isma recorded a video and furiously attacked Bobi Wine. He described Solomon as a dense student.

He further alleged that Solomon was admitted to the school through connections as he didn’t have the required grades to be admitted.

Isma’s comments infuriated a sizable portion of users on social media, who asserted that Isma lacked the authority to make such remarks that necessitate a little parental tenderness.

Allegations of Bobi Wine’s side chic

Isma got into another social media war of words with fans of Bobi Wine in December 2022 after he said that Bobi had a side chic.

Due to backlash from Bobi Wine’s ardent supporters, Isma was forced to retract his claims.