Say Hello to the New Microsoft Bing Search Engine Powered by GPT-4

Earlier this year, Microsoft announced the new version of Bing which is powered by ChatGPT. This updated search engine and its AI tools use OpenAI’s technology to provide answers and create content. Recently, Microsoft confirmed that the new Bing is now using GPT-4.

Prior to Microsoft’s official announcement of the new Bing, there was speculation that GPT-4 would power the search engine. However, Microsoft did not confirm this at the time. It appears that the reason for this was because GPT-4 was not yet ready for announcement. This has finally changed, as OpenAI announced the release of GPT-4. As a result, Microsoft has now confirmed that the new Bing is indeed powered by GPT-4 technology. Bing GPT-4

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In a post on the OpenAI page for GPT-4, it explains that “GPT-4 is more creative and collaborative than ever before. It can generate, edit, and iterate with users on creative and technical writing tasks. Such tasks include composing songs, writing screenplays, or learning a user’s writing style”.

Following the announcement of GPT-4 by OpenAI, Yusuf Mehdi, Microsoft’s corporate vice president of modern Life, search, and devices, officially confirmed that the new version of their search engine is powered by GPT-4. With GPT-4 now driving Bing’s search engine and AI tools, users can expect even more sophisticated and accurate responses to their queries. As well as an enhanced overall search experience.

Bing Keeps Getting Better with OpenAI GPT-4 Bing GPT-4

Microsoft’s intelligent technology now uses the latest GPT-4. So users can expect real time answers from Bing search. This new update will enhance your search results with more relevant data. Microsoft plans to announce more AI features at an event this week.